Call Scoring Templates

What Is The Call Center Scoring Template?

This template helps you evaluate your contact center’s performance and gives feedback to your customers about their customer service. Cloud-based communication services are provided by Ajoxi in particular areas of the United States in the 505 area code and many others.

Call Score Templates Are Required.

Communication skills

  • Speaks clearly
  • Displays confidence
  • Uses sensible words


  • Follow the right procedures
  • Provide accurate information to help resolve conflicts
  • Check to make sure the call was transferred correctly to another department.

Product Capability

  • Find out the exact cause and investigate the issue
  • All information relevant to the customer should be divulged
  • Find out the problem and resolve it

Call Etiquette

  • Positive, energetic, and patient tone.

Greeting and Following-Up

  • Reviewed all actions taken together with the customer
  • I asked the customers questions and thanked them politely for calling.

Call Scoring: Why Are We So Important?

It can hinder agent behavior change by focusing on quality scores. Agents are more focused on their SCORE score than on themselves. This can lead to them being less attentive to the SCORE’s effect on their performance appraisals and raises. This leads to disagreements throughout every contact center. It can be used as a guide when creating quality monitoring scorecards for your contact center. You will have a better call scoring evaluation tool that is more reliable and valid. This will give you more accurate information to evaluate the performance of your call center agents, as well as a better quality monitoring system. Lets Dial┬áis providing services of telecommunication through the internet over countries.

Reasons To Score

  1. Encourage consistency within the organization
  2. Get a comprehensive overview of agent performance
  3. You can enable actionable coaching using genuine customer feedback
  4. Learn how to identify the root causes of negative feedback and solve issues
  5. Improve service delivery, CSAT, and other aspects.

There Are Two Types Of Scoring.

  1. Manual Call Evaluation:- Manual score card is a physical card. With manual scorecards, supervisors can physically listen in on the conversation between the customer through live call monitoring or by recording it. It has some advantages like it. Manual scorecards may be highly accurate, but listening to every conversation in your business telephone center is impossible. We provide such services in the 555 area code on the US and many more.
  2. Automated calling scoring:- Once the software gets installed, it listens to and records each call and creates computerized scorecards. It can be programmed to detect certain words, phrases, or silences. If they fail to greet the customer correctly with the company’s script, take too much time responding, etc., the agent’s score may be affected. Automated scorecards track trends and make it easy for managers to compare metrics. Managers will save time with this scorecard. The robot performs the same job as a traditional scorecard. The downside to automated call scoring is that they are less accurate. Automated scorecards are less accurate and can result in lower morale.


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